SPRAVATO™, known more commonly as eskataime, is a nasal spray that quickly relieves depressive symptoms when used in conjunction with therapy. SPRAVATO™ can relieve treatment-resistant depression and other mood disorders. Here at Aloha Integrative Health, we are a certified treatment center for SPRAVATO™. Our multidisciplinary team of providers is approved to administer SPRAVATO™ for candidates with treatment-resistant depression. We are here to help you find relief and help you heal. If nothing else has worked and you’re ready to try another option, request a consultation to get started today.


As an FDA approved option, SPRAVATO™ is considered to be one of the most significant advances in mental health over the last 30 years. Patients who have failed to find results after trying two or more antidepressants now have a safe, noninvasive, fast-acting solution that is covered by insurance. 


Rapid Relief

SPRAVATO™ provides quick and effective relief from depressive symptoms.


No Needles

SPRAVATO™ is administered through a nasal spray without the use of needles.


Going Deeper

SPRAVATO™ is not only fast acting, but it also works to heal the root cause of your depression. It doesn’t just manage depressive symptoms, but also aims for long-term relief and healing.


Team Approach

Our multidisciplinary team of professionals work together to address and improve your overall health by finding the right option for your situation.


Covered by Most Insurance

SPRAVATO™ can be expensive out of pocket, but oftentimes, insurance will cover both the medication and office visits. If a patient is unable to get coverage through insurance, we help patients find programs to help cover medication costs.


If you think SPRAVATO™ could be right for you, there are five easy steps you can take to get started.


Step 1. You request an appointment

To request your telebehavioral health appointment, use the form below or call 866-951-HEAL.


Step 2. We see you for an evaluation

During your evaluation appointment, our providers will talk to you about your medical history and make an assessment as to whether you meet the criteria to qualify for the treatment.

If you are already seeing another mental health provider, but they are not SPRAVATO™ REMS certified, you can simply ask for a referral to our center. We can work together with your existing mental health provider to give you the best care from both centers. That means you don’t have to be a patient in our clinic to have this treatment and can continue to see your existing mental health provider for all your existing care.


Step 3. We verify your insurance eligibility and obtain a pre-authorization

Our staff members work with your insurance provider to determine your coverage and obtain a pre-authorization. We let you know what your co-pays are and determine the treatment regimen based on your diagnosis and insurance guidelines.


Step 4. You go through the treatment course

During each treatment appointment, one of our providers will administer SPRAVATO™ and monitor your vital signs for 2 hours. Since ketamine greatly increases neuroplasticity (your ability to learn new information and reorganize the old one) you could use the time you wait for discharge with therapeutic benefit: you can journal, listen to or watch uplifting material, talk to a supportive friend. The average treatment course lasts about 8 weeks, with one or two appointments weekly. Duration and dosage will be determined by our medical team and the guidelines of your insurance provider.


Step 5. We help you heal

It is our goal to help you identify and heal the root cause of your condition through the course of treatments. We encourage regular therapy and medication management appointments in conjunction with SPRAVATO™ treatments to ensure the best and fastest outcomes.


Learn More

To learn more about SPRAVATO™ visit their site now or call us and schedule a consultation.

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